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The thrill of walking in the garden and sniffing a fresh, fragrant rose is impossible to describe. In the garden you are surrounded by the fresh beauty of nature - the light, the shadow, the crisp coolness of the green grass and shrubs. You thrill to the simple beauties of the out of doors. Suddenly you sense a powerful and alluring fragrance. You track it down and find a new rose blossom ready to open.

On Saturday mornings long ago I used to go down to the local nursery, hoping for just such an experience. From time to time I'd discover a plant that just looked right. Or one that smelled delicious. In one case the sweet, jasmine scent of trachelospermum jasminoides had me hunting for ten or fifteen minutes. In another the smell of Juicy Fruit gum turned out to be a popular tropical climber mandevilla Alice du Pont. When I found such treasures I would bring them home, and put them into the ground.

Roses, it turned out were among the few plants to survive my early gardening experiments. This experience, and a copy of Stirling Macoboy's Ultimate Rose Book ignited and stoked my interest in roses. Today my garden holds more than two hundred cultivars.

For about three weeks in May and June the yard is brimming with the color and fragrance of Roses. It is paradise on earth. Something like this recurrs in mid September and early October. Nearly anyone living in cold hardiness zones 5 through 9 can easily experience the same thing.

Roses well chosen for a site tend to be durable, easy-care, and attractive plants. The purpose of this site is to help you find roses that will succeed in your garden making it a lovely place to share with family and friends - a place full of color, fragrance, joy, and comfort. I'd love to hear how your rose garden is going. Better yet, send photos.



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Enjoy your rose garden.