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A Rose is a Rose
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Background, History

What is the History of the Rose?

What is an Old Rose?

What is an English Rose?

What is a rose "Class"?

Site Information

Why are there so many roses at this site?

Why Roses?

Why can I not find the rose I am looking for at this site?

How do I get the most out of this site?

How do I help this site succeed?

Odd Questions

Why do roses have thorns?

Besides Rose, what other names do people take from plants?

Why do roses have so many classes?

What does a rose's color mean?

Why are men fixated on red roses? Why do women like to receive roses?

Rose questions can be fit into five categories:


Which roses should I plant?

How should awards affect my choices?

I want something foliferous, very fragrant, highly remontant, nicey shrubby, and completely trouble-free. What are my choices?

I live in Canada, Can I grow roses there?

What about Florida, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, Utah, Arizona? and so on.

Rose Care

How do I plant roses?

How do I feed & water roses?

How do I prune roses?

How do I get rid of:

How do I deal with :

My rose does not bloom. What's wrong?


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