Rose Care
The list of basic rose care steps.
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Do any of these first steps is badly, however, and no amount of attention to the other steps will compensate.

That said, feeding, watering, spraying, and pruning can improve the performance of a rose in any garden, especially if the rose is marginally suited to the site.


By the time a rose is watered into the ground, about 90% of the factors that determine its care requirements will have been determined. We will cover these requirements:

  1. Choose a suitable rose
  2. Choose a suitable site
  3. Plant the rose
  4. Mulch the rose
  5. Feed the rose
  6. Water the rose
  7. Spray the rose
  8. Prune the rose

If the first four steps are done well, the rest of the steps may not need to be done at all. Of course, good cultural practices can vastly expand the number of roses that will flourish in any garden, so any person who is inclined to nurturing a garden and who covets the delicate colors and textures of the more difficult roses will thrill to succeed with cultivars that are known to be difficult, at least in part due to their very difficulty.

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